Kickstart with Kalabox: Drupal Development Toolkit for the Masses

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Imagine you are an artist who wants to build a site for your studio. You don’t know anything about building a site and you are intimidated by the prospect of building your own local development environment or installing drupal remotely on some shared hosting service. Instead you download and install Kalabox. Get some coffee while it spins up. When you return you’ll have an awesome local development environment with some of most well known and powerful Drupal tools at your fingertips, all accessible through a sexy and intuitive user interface. Easily spin up a new site and get started! When you’re done click deploy and push the site up to Pantheon. You’ve now got a website on the internet!

Imagine you are running a team of 15 developers and building an enterprise application. You need everyone to be on the same local environment, you need solr, you need tika, you need … a great starting point. Imagine being able to use Kalabox as a great starting point for your puppet manifests or chef recipes. Imagine being able to use your own custom provisioner. Imagine being able to test your site locally on Ubuntu LEMP one minute and Fedora LAMP the next. Imagine being able to deploy to your own OpenStack or OpenShift cloud. 

This session will showcase how easy it is to get up and running with Kalabox. It will appeal to hardcore developers who need an awesome and customizable native linux local development stack to supercharge their development workflow but also to new users who just want to get started working with Drupal without all the annoying setup.

Site building
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Drupal 6
Drupal 7

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