Keep Theming Simple

This session will showcase how Twitter Bootstrap and Panels/Panopoly can be combined, by way of Kalatheme, to create a newer, simpler and sexier theming framework. Within this paradigm users both novice and pro can rapidly build fully responsive, mobile and tablet ready themes. Users will also be able to enforce stricter CSS standards, quickly toggle the responsive visibility of certain panes and quickly generate Kalasubtheme starting points from pre-existing bootstrap libraries like The goal of kalatheme is accessibility for newer users and extensibility for veterans and since you can use ANY bootstrap library Kalatheme is actually THOUSANDS of themes in one! Specific areas of interest that will be discussed are:

Libraries API Integration

Start theming on the 10th floor instead of from the ground and remove tons of clutter in your theme by putting stock or custom bootstrap into the libraries folder where it belongs. Kalatheme takes care of these basics so you can focus on what makes your theme unique. Also, no companion modules here. It's all powered by the theme.

Blocks are Dead

Move beyond the old paradigm of theming with blocks and regions to a panels layout driven responsive paradigm that fully leverages the power of the panels in place editor. Never turn block.module on ever again.

Page and Panels Layout Templates

Older themes have a plethora of template files with lots of complexity and logic in page.tpl.php. In the "no-regions" paradigm page.tpl.php becomes smaller and most of your template files now become reusable, simple, lightweight and easily built panels layouts. Add "regions" when you need them. Most of our kalasubthemes have 5 or less non-panels template files.

Simple Subthemes

With Libraries API integration and a powerful base theme your subthemes will be simple, intuitive and not overloaded with files. Instead of having tons of monolithic templates and CSS your theme will likely only have less then a dozen files. Also, you can now take a custom bootstrap library and kalatheme will generate a subtheme starting point for you automatically.

Styles Plugins

Kalatheme ships with a special ctools style plugin for site builders and admins to easily configure the device visibility of particular panels panes. It also allows users to easily add element tags and classes to panels panes. You can also add additional styles and classes to the plugin in your theme settings. Hide certain panes on tablet and mobile. Easily change pane styles. Bridge the gap between site building and theming. The session will finish by showing an example of a kalatheme subtheme and the pathway taken to easily turn a custom bootstrap library into a powerful panels based, region-less theme. If time permits it will also look at other panels/bootstrap themes.

Design & theming
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Drupal 6
Drupal 7
Room 420
2013-09-21 14:00:00 to 2013-09-21 14:45:00

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