Git Along, Little Drupal! Yah!

Version control is becoming more and more prominent in the Drupal world and not just for core or module developers any more. You hear all the time that it'll help organize, share, and protect and will definitely save your butt at least once in the first six months. Your friends will tell you that it is worth the pain and suffering to learn the ins and outs of the commands. However, with terms such as "fetch", "branch", "commit", "pull" and "show" it sounds as easy as having a brand new puppy! Promise! And who doesn't love puppies?

Seriously though, git (or any version control) is a tool that is as easy or as difficult as you make it. It can work wonders for teams not stepping on each others toes, being able to have bazillion-level "undo" functionality, and knowing that no one is going to step on the files in production. It can be frustrating, but what system is worth learning that isn't a bit tought to understand at first <cough>Drupal</cough>.

I am targeting this talk to help a beginner level of git user, who is at least able to open up a terminal and not afraid of commands. No knowledge of version control or git is necessary, I will show git a bit more by drawing and talking than by just documenting what the commands can do. That's what Git Immersion or the help section of GitHub can be for. The purpose of my talk is to make using and reading through those tutorials (or others) make more sense and be more useful to you. However, even if you've been using git for a while, hopefully this will help the details and mystique a little clearer.

You may or may not leave this session being able to use git better than when you came, but you'll understand it better and be able to learn it more quickly. And everyone who attends will receive a free puppy.

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Drupal 6
Drupal 7
Drupal 8
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2013-09-21 11:15:00 to 2013-09-21 12:00:00

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