Drupal for Business Professionals

This session is for business leaders, institutional administrators, procurement specialists, and managers who need to understand the basics of how to think about and run a successful Drupal project from start to finish. The assumption is that you will not be doing the actual design, site-building, and development yourself. Instead, this talk will focus on putting together a strategy and building a team to meet both short and long term business goals.

This session will touch on:

  • The early planning stages
  • The pitfalls of viewing Drupal as a CMS
  • Capturing requirements
  • Arriving at a budget range
  • The RFP dilemma
  • Leveraging internal resources
  • Working with freelancers
  • Bringing in outside vendors
  • Understanding the basics of waterfall and agile philosophies
  • The design phase
  • The development phase
  • Quality assurance & formal testing
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Building an internal support and development team

While this session touches the surface on a wide range of material and strategy, it is not intended to cover any single topic in-depth. This session should be viewed as an introductory roadmap to acquiring a deeper understanding of Drupal project management. Additional resources will be provided during the presentation for those interested in delving deeper into the topics.

About the Speaker:
Nathan Kirschbaum is Knectar’s Senior Interactive Producer and Drupal Consultant. He has led numerous business and enterprise-level web projects, working in recent years with organizations such as Harvard Medical School, Tufts, and MIT. Nathan is currently the technical project lead for the Drupal 7 based Jackdaniels.com global CMS project. He contributes regularly to the Drupal community and is an active member of the Drupal Association.

Experience level: 
Drupal version: 
Drupal 6
Drupal 7
Drupal 8
Room 420
2013-09-21 09:15:00 to 2013-09-21 10:00:00

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