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Is there a topic you would like to learn more about (i.e., on which you would like someone else to present)? Suggest it here, in the comments.

Alternatively, if you would like to present on one of the topics listed below, submit it as a session.


Submitted by cdulude on

It would be great if someone would volunteer an "Intro to Views" session. And, if there is interest, a more advanced session to talk about things like relationships and contextual filters? 

Submitted by cdulude on

Options for WYSIWYG editors; activating/deactivating formatting buttons; integrating your site's CSS into the WYSIWYG display. Other modules that extend WYSIWYG functionality.

Submitted by cdulude on

How to best deliver images for display on a variety of platforms and screen sizes?

Submitted by dmckenna on

Could someone do an intro to git?

Submitted by eporama on

Submitted by dmckenna on

Anyone interested in project management?

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