Code sprint!

For the first time, DrupalCamp NH will include a code sprint on the second day, Sunday September 22nd. Hosted at the prestigious Grill 28 (full directions), a full day of contributing is planned, along with a fully catered brunch!

What is a "Code Sprint"?

In the Drupal community, a code sprint is an event where a (hopefully) large number of people gather together, usually in person, to work on various aspects of the Drupal project.

It is also worth noting that, despite its title, a code sprint is not just about code. Code sprints are also also about helping others, writing documentation, taking screenshots, changing single colors in single CSS files, learning what an issue queue is, clicking links that say "re-run tests", writing "this needs to be rerolled" in a comment, etc.

Who is the code sprint for?

Anyone with an interest in either contributing to Drupal, or learning how, is encouraged to attend. We are particularly interested in people attending who can:

  • Develop with PHP.
  • Interested in learning how to develop with PHP.
  • Write documentation.
  • Interested in learning how to write documentation.
  • Implement designs using CSS and/or JS.
  • Interested in learning how to implement designs using CSS and/or JS.
  • Triage Drupal issue queues.
  • Interested in learning how to triage Drupal issue queues.
  • Test patches.
  • Interested in learning how to test patches.
  • Write patches.
  • Interested in learning how to write patches.
  • Coordinate development efforts that others are working on.
  • Interested in learning how to coordinate development efforts that others are working on.
  • Has a laptop.
  • Sit beside someone else who has a laptop.
  • Be good at something.
  • Interested in learning how to become good at something.

​If you fit any of the above, you should strongly consider attending!

Goals / Focus Topics

There are three main focus topics for the DrupalCamp NH 2013 code sprint are:

  1. Help beginners learn some of the basics of contributing to Drupal.
  2. Contribute to the general effort to stabilize Drupal 8, primarily the extended code sprints being held in Prague for Drupalcon.
  3. Help get the Metatag module to a stable 1.0 release.

Have other ideas? Come along and we'll see what we can do!

And remember – the more people that show up, the more can be accomplished!


It is strongly encouraged to bring a laptop, preferably with a working copy of Drupal 7 or 8 already running on it. Alternatively, an ability to sit beside someone else who has one of these may suffice. Check out our Resource page for links to get you up and running.


The cost of the code sprint, including a fully catered brunch, is included in the DrupalCamp's ticket price. And did we mention the free limited edition, commemerative conference t-shirt?

Hours & Location

The code sprint will be from 9am until 4pm on Sunday September 22nd at the Grill 28 restaurant and function center.

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